Dean's Message

Dear Prospective and Current Students,

Our Faculty of Arts and Humanities considers the tradition, adhering to the principle of "thinking, carrying on with the past", together with the contemporary, adhering to the principle of "thinking, talking to the present" in their historical continuity. The Faculty bases itself on the scientific method expressed by the inferential intelligence possibilities for the widest public share of knowledge; but it also gives importance to the aesthetic sense, which is an expression of beautiful and sublime feelings. Beside of all kinds of human knowledge, individual, social, political and economic relations, the Faculty also takes care of their connections with religious and moral values.

Our Faculty of Arts and Humanities, which is continuing its academic structuring, has a total of 12 departments, which are Department of Western Languages and Literatures, Department of the History of Science, Department of Information and Document Management, Department of Linguistics, Department of Eastern Languages ​​and Literatures, Department of Philosophy, Department of Psychology, Department of Art History, Department of Slavic Languages ​​and Literatures, Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Department of Sociology and Department of History.

As our scholars have said, “Literary is eternal ...


Dean and Professor


Email: ihsan.fazlioglu@medeniyet.edu.tr

Phone: +90-216-280-2606